As I reach 80 years old, I wonder what growth can mean at this stage. Is it still possible to grow? In what area of my life is there room to grow? My world is diminishing around me. My body is aging and nothing I can do to stop it. But there is one place where growth is still possible. I can still play the sitar, exercise and love my wife and family. Such activities offer growth no matter how old one is. I can create a new raag, learn new exercises and love: always growth in that precious realm.

Preparation for the loss of everything is also a place for growth.

Aging is the practice for death. Leaving behind all that I cherish and love is not easy. That is why I am constantly reminded, through sickness, that this body will go up in smoke and fire. My loved ones will continue to live until they pass. Growth at this age is the preparation for nothingness.

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thank you for your words, Christian <3

every time I read, I light up with how beautifully you write on themes that are resonate with my experience/ feelings on life in these times and what's coming up around me/for me also. I always appreciate your ability to relay deeper insight and share and provide supportive data. Congrats on keeping it going, to here and now year four !!!

As I’ve grown & continue to, it seems growth naturally becomes embodied - woven into how we hold ourselves and how at peace we are in our own skin. thus, apparent in how we operate. I like to look at the under layers, are we moving from a more connected, true place? Growth in the way we show up. this may just be good measure, though to each their own (varying values and what not), as is ones sense of peace. Growth...it feels like strengthened muscles. improvement via practice, hopefully heart-led and well, there's gotta be some devotion to it for the sake of how it opens us- do you think so?

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It's a good question - what constitutes growth? Do we know when we've grown in some way or does it happen so gradually we don't notice it at all. Sometimes we feel we have grown when we've set a clear intention and followed through on something meaningful. But is that growth or just an accomplishment? How do we know when we have grown in some way? Can we measure it? Perhaps the best way to know if we grown in some way is to ask our friends how they perceive us. Anyway - a very good question to sit with as we go into the new year. Thankyou for this thoughtful article.

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Yes, actually, I am the worst kind at saying no, you do not want to know, lol!



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Everything is an illusion. If this is really true, then we should have a day to celebrate, "Illusion day."

Such an important event should be celebrated in high style. Perhaps another word should be used, as "Illusion" has a bad connotation. And, there is not another word that could take such a place as illusion. Robert

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HaHa, Yourself! You are trying to crawl out from under a label that has you down as wise beyond your years. Illusion, my ass. And how good it is to know you and share thoughts.

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